Our Outreach Programs

"Like Jesus, whose 'heart was touched with pity for them because they seemed to him like sheep without a shepherd' (Mark 6:34), we yearn for the salvation of all who are lost. This is the ultimate and controlling rationale for all our apostolic activities" (The Spirit and Purpose of the People of Praise).

Over the past 30+ years we have operated numerous outreach programs. Starting in the early 1970's we were responsible for several national and international charismatic conferences attended by hundreds of thousands. In the early 1980's we started two organizations that have become so successful that they now operate autonomously. We started Home Management Services (now Home Management Resources) to help young, single mothers learn to take control of their lives by managing their homes, families, jobs and money better. Our HMR curriculum has been so successful it is now used by several state agencies across the US. We started Christians in Commerce to help working men and women transform their places of employment into beachheads of the Kingdom--places where employees and customers experience the love of Christ and excellence in service and production manifests God's wise rule in the world. Also since the early 1980's our Caribbean Relief Fund has sponsored and continues to sponsor many hurricane reconstruction initiatives as well as scholarships for West Indians and a homeless feeding program operated by our branch in Kingston, Jamaica.

ACTION Our Action program brings together high school students and adults working to bring Christ's love to impoverished communities in real and tangible ways. For more information about Action click here. To join a local Action team or to simply volunteer on a project contact the People of Praise branch nearest you.

CAMPUS Our Campus program brings students together on university and college campuses across the US to prepare, train and recruit others to join us in building the Kingdom. For more information about Campus click here.

MISSION Our Mission program works across the US, Canada and the Caribbean to start and support new branches of the People of Praise.